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Toyota-has decided to stake on young buyers.

toyota has solemnly opened completely new corolla and corolla matrix, both of them it is projected to involve younger buyers and to differentiate them from growing number of small cars in the market.
corolla, a small compact sedan now in its 10-th generation, one of the most important of production Toyota and its second car on sales.

" It is difficult to estimate, as this car for toyota " is important, has informed Volume libby, the senior director of the analysis of the industry in the Network of the Power information.
" matrix, probably, is not present so it is important, but it still absolutely is essential. toyota can give the client in this segment, the caused car and a sports crossover and it gives to them the big advantage. "
It is advantage which it, probably, is necessary because they go face to face with completely new nissan sentra, s, hyundai elantra, and most of all, honda civic, directly support in a compact floor. civic now turns a sight which is much more than promotion of an envelope and reception of attention, than new corolla.
Mr. libby has told, that it heard the message, that officials toyota were shaken, and then deeply worried, when honda has removed a coverlet with its futuristic civica several years ago, therefore their coming corolla was too conservative.
" I do not know, that modelling - the most important criteria for buyers in this segment anyhow though ", Mr. libby has informed. " Quality, the price, the charge of fuel, the image and reputation, are more important for buyers. Current corolla does not set fire to the world for modelling, but it still does very much, it is very good on sales for toyota. "
Still, officials toyota worried to detain introduction completely new toyota cjrolla and have ordered, that appearance has been altered completely.
toyota projected two entirely the new engine for corolla. Both of them can be combined with 5 lavel mehanical transsmission a box of transfers or a five-step automatic box of transfers. The charge of fuel is estimated on 100км 10 litres in city, and on highway of 8 litres with Automatical transmission for 1.8 litres, 132 horse forces, four cylinder engine.
In the meantime, corolla matrix shows a distinctive sight - muscular, wise for street, occurrence which divides similarity with corolla only in the forward end. It reminds a crossover and more similarly to the small double carriage.
One distinctive feature for the Matrix - full time
, Which will be probable to help toyota to advertise sales in snow areas of a planet.
corolla matrix offers 1.8-liter, 132 horse forces, four cylinder engine, the charge of fuel on 100 km of 10 litres in city and 8 km on a line, with 4 lavel mehanical transsmission, and also 11 litres in city and 9 on highway with Automatical transmission.
Other card of distinction for corolla matrix - a flexible interior, with turning back seats that can provide the big open space for a cargo...

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